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Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia - Group: http://opensuse.or.id/forum/?group=3 Simple:Press Forum Version 3.0.1 Mukhtar on PCLinuxOS Muslim Edition http://opensuse.or.id/forum/distro-berbasis-rpm-redhat-mandriva-pclinuxos-dll/pclinuxos-muslim-edition/page-1/post-225/#p225 Distro Berbasis RPM (Redhat, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS dll) http://opensuse.or.id/forum/distro-berbasis-rpm-redhat-mandriva-pclinuxos-dll/pclinuxos-muslim-edition/page-1/post-225/#p225 Info ini mungkin agak telat, akan tetapi smoga bisa dimanfaatin.
anda bisa mendownload PCLinuxOS ME (Muslim Edition) disini ftp://kambing.ui.edu/pub/pclinuxos/muslim-edition/pclinuxos-2008-ME.iso
Atau bisa melihat versi laennya di http://gen-i.blogspot.com/2008/08/amlinuxos-muslim-editionnya-pclinuxos.html

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